Friday, May 30, 2008

Pick me ups, happy hair, and last night's dinner...

My mini album for the challenge. :) Whew! All done. So happy that I participated - it helped bring things back into perspective for me. :)

All together now, "Oooooo..." We had Curry chicken and steamed beets for dinner last night. So yummy. You will have to indulge my love of veggies - my parents were big gardeners, we had tons of fresh veggies all summer long growing up. Green beans, beets, butternut squash, sweet corn, potatoes, and fresh herbs, of course.

I was having such a happy hair day, I had to take a pic. On inspecting the results all I could see was the clutter in the background!! :P All my scrapping stuff is spread out from the projects I did in the last couple of days, and the laundry is waiting to be folded. {sigh} {shame} At least I know my house doesn't look like this all the time.

Off to clean up!!

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Phoebe said...

mmmm...that looks so yummy!! Love the mini-album,too, Leah!! And your hair does look fab!! And I wanted to tell you how great the redecorating on your blog looks!! Love it!! It suits your style so nicely!! Hope you're enjoying your day!!

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