Sunday, June 1, 2008

End of the year party!!

David had his end of the year party for his kindergarten class yesterday!! He had so much fun. Sack races, water balloons, tree climbing. One of his buddies is part monkey... his mom just rolls her eyes and says, "Yep. That's J.!"

We also presented David's teacher with a gift. This is the sewing project I've been working on with J's mom. I learned how to quilt!! We had a blast putting it together. I'm so happy with the way it turned out. Plus, I made a new friend in the process. :D

Today's been a different story. I've just totally given up...

the boys were up before the crack of dawn, ready to run. Us - not so much. So, we put the TV on and crawled back into bed. {I know, I know.} Very quiet. All is good. Well, not so much. 15 minutes later, David comes running in to tell us that his brother is covered in vaseline. You guessed it. I gave myself a pedicure last night and left out the ointment I used. E. had covered his entire head with it. Ack. You know that stuff doesn't wash off with soap and water. I would have taken a picture, but I barely was able to crack an eye open. Ended up wiping him down with paper towels.

Moving on. I did enjoy my breakfast.

Getting ready for church was a struggle too, today. Couldn't find what we were looking for. Ended up just in time. Hubby was into work.

Came home. Tried to relax. Little guy has diaper explosion of a lifetime. We're talking puddle on the floor. Poor guy. He just balled. I threw him into the tub, and after all the trauma, he dropped off for a nap.

I've just decided today is one of those days. DO NOT EXPECT THINGS TO GO WELL. Maybe then I'll be pleasantly surprised. I did start to giggle as I recounted this here. Maybe things ARE taking a turn for the better.

Hope your Sunday's going better than mine!!

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Lacey said...

Great pictures!! Yummy looking muffins!! I haven't talked to you in awhile - hope all is well! You creations below look great :D

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