Sunday, June 22, 2008

CKC Saturday

I had so much f un helping out at the Paper Niche booth at CKC yesterday! I put together a little make-n-take ahead of time, then walked everyone through instructions for putting it together on Saturday. Lots of fun!

Here's a small shot of our booth:

Tammy did an amazing job picking out some fun things at IKEA to decorate. :)

A shot of Ms. Rhonda & Ms. Tammy before everything really got started for the day:

They work really hard to create a really great atmosphere at the store. And not just that - they keep some really great products around for us! :D

Also met the lovelyRebecca Saylor from Scrapblog. What a fun site! If you're interested in digi scrapping, but aren't really sure about it, check out their site! They've made it really easy to use. Just drag and drop. I put this together really quick this afternoon just browsing around checking things out:

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


Camille said...

Great pictures Leah!
You did an amazing job
with the make & takes...
hours & hours of fun for
everyone and I hope for you too.
Wow...what a weekend! :)

krisi said...

i love scrapblog, i spent a few hours last night getting to know it! lots of cool stuff, great LO and awesome pics

Monica Jo said...

Great shots Leah...Looks like a super fun and inspiring time.

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