Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer chillin'

{Today's photo for the day... our word was chill}

Woke up Monday morning and realized - "girl, you have got to get with it!" I've just been kinda coasting along the last 2 weeks, spending my time hanging out with the kids, surfin' the 'net and just generally slacking. Fine for a while, until you realize that June is almost gone already.

What about that list of things you wanted to get done this summer? July is going to be craziness for us, between the 4th, both of our son's birthdays, and my sister coming to visit {can't wait!}...

So, this week I've attempted to get myself back on a schedule. I hate to set the alarm, but after sleeping in this morning... I'm thinking I might have to. {sigh} Such is life. Ya got goals, ya gotta work hard. Not that I don't enjoy it - it's actually been a great feeling to have all the laundry done, kitchen clean at night and most of the piles of clutter sorted through...leaves me feeling less guilty when I turn to funner, more creative things!

Hope you're enjoying your summer!

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Monica Jo said...

I think we may be on the same wave length. I've been enjoying the last several weeks of the boys being out of school..Just kinda taking it as it goes. Then I stepped back and noticed all the things being neglected. But I believe that a person needs to take the "floating" time. It helps to energize for the times of rush and deadlines. Sounds like you are going into a month of just that. Enjoy your summer Leah. It will be over before we know it...Hugss to you hun.

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