Sunday, January 25, 2009

February Classes at the Paper Niche, reminiscing about our wedding, and my circle journal

The 3 layout class:

You can get details there. I love the love letter layout - as you can see, it actually includes a little card on the back that you can write on, and leave you special someone a note! :)

My January circle journal:

Enjoy Nicole!

February desktop I put together for FPD

You can grab it here
And yes, I really do love that color combo - Our anniversary is in February, and guess what colors I chose for the wedding? My dress was white satin with black buttons and trim on the bottom, and I carried a nosegay of brilliant red roses wrapped in satin. All accented with silver and diamonds... my bridesmaids even wore black. {Yes, it was an evening wedding.} Ahh. {sigh} memories. And yes, I still get butterflies when I think of him. You know I was in nursing school when we first started dating, and someone was checking my heartbeat with a doppler - someone said his name, and everyone heard my heart skip a beat? A tiny bit embarrassing, but strong evidence of how I feel...

And one more class for February:

Most of these are finished on the inside as well! I loved working with this new stuff from Little Yellow Bicycle...

Enjoying being at my target weight for the moment. Maybe the way I feel will help me keep it up? Then again, that 1 pound bag of peanut butter m&m's I downed in 2 days time can't possibly help the prospect of actually *staying* here. {Not to mention the 2 slices of pizza, and bits of the little guy's BK dinner last night! HA!} Oh well, it's good while it lasts, right?

We {meaning myself and the E man} hung out last night - he was pretty peeved that dad and big brother left him behind {they were at the Heat game}, so I took him, where else? The mall!! Even though I'm not really a big shopper, and nothing I've seen lately has impressed me, he had a great little time riding the kiddie ride, checking out the fish tanks, wandering the Disney store, and staring wide-eyed at the Build a Bear displays.

We topped it off with a kids meal, and he was happy. ;D

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful work Leah! I just think that hidden love note layout is so clever. And your wedding sounds absolutely GOREGEOUS! :)

Me :) said...

Leah - it has been fun to watch your scrapping style evolve. You have become truly great scrap artist. Keep it up!

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