Friday, January 23, 2009

Keeping busy

Yes, as always. Keeping busy. In a good way. Actually I think I've been spending too much time thinking lately, and not enough doing. Duh. It happens. I've been upset, but mostly with myself. I guess I'm really trying to determine what direction to move this year. Anybody else out there doing this? {Not to mention watching a little too much news... do they ever report anything good?!

I did have fun putting these two digi layouts together...

Love Valorie's stuff. Always. But the fact that she's been inspired by the Twilight books lately is a bonus! HeeHee!

One of the things I'm seriously brainstorming on is a way to start offering sewing classes... I want to offer something that'll really teach you how to sew, creating a really great project using fabrics that are just yummy. Too much to ask you say? I don't think so!

Okay. Back to business! Must finish my notes for tomorrow's class!! Hope you're enjoying your Friday evening! :)


Amanda said...

I never spend enough time "doing"! *ugh*.. I totally get that!
Both lo's are gorgeous.. especially love your "2nd home" one! and how cool is it that those products are inspired by Twilight??! COOL!!

Haberdawoman said...

Oh my! I am so glad you are thinking about putting a sewing class together. I know you mentioned it a few months back and I am still interested :)

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