Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just one word.

For those of you unfamiliar with this idea, as far as I know, it began with Ali Edwards, and even though this is the 3rd year I've picked a word to help focus and define things for me, I know it's still new to some. ;) It seems to be really popular this year...

I guess I'm a little behind on the whole choosing part, but things seemed to get really crazy around the holidays here, and when it was all done, I didn't have energy for ANYTHING! :)

I really put serious thought into this, as I did with the words I chose before. I was originally thinking about the word "discipline", but it just didn't seem like it took everything in that I was feeling. It wasn't big enough. Because, you see, even though times are tough right now, I feel hope. I feel optimism. And I wanted my word to reflect that.

I also have a bit of a new look for the new year, and it just makes me feel "fierce." :D {in a good way, of course!}

I put this together with Krystal Hartley's new Love Me Tender kit So yum. ;)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! Stay tuned for sneak peeks of the classes I've got planned for February in the next couple of days...
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