Sunday, August 29, 2010

tuxedo t-shirt DIY part 1

Hey all! Today I wanted to share a DIY/tutorial for a cute shirt that I put together! This is one of several that I've attempted recently - you'll see more samples soon! I'll be sharing the cutting part today, and the sewing part in another post.

Start by gathering your supplies. You'll need:
 2 brand new t-shirts in the same color - one in your size, and one in an extra large
tracing pencils - dark or light according to what you need
sharp sewing scissors
piece of chipboard to cut a 3.75" circle template {not pictured}
your fave t-shirt that has a perfect neckline for you :)
Slide your favorite t-shirt either inside or outside of the new t-shirt in your size. Make sure the shoulder seams match up. Using your tracing pencils, trace a line slightly inside of your fave neckline {so you leave room for a seam allowance}
Turn the t-shirt over to trace the back of the neckline. At this point I like to grab a ruler and make sure that it's even. I measure from the collar edge to the point that I marked on each side to make sure they're the same on both the left and right sides.

Then finish tracing the back of the neckline.

Cut along the line you've traced. First the front:

Then the back:

Toss the old collar. Unless you can come up with a fun use for it! lol

This is what you should have when you're finished:

Set that aside, and get out the extra, matching shirt in the XL size. Sut off the bottom edge of the shirt, and then measure and cut a strip that's 1.5" wide.

Set that aside with your t-shirt:

Take out your 3.75" chipboard circle, and start tracing on your extra t-shirt. Trace through both layers. We want 2 circles for each one we trace to make a set.

Trace a total of 8 sets.

And start cutting them out.

Cut all eight sets.

All set for the sewing!
Stop back for the second half soon! I just need to get the photos edited! Please let me know if if you find this helpful! ^_^

Happy Sunday!


beckyjune said...

I am so glad that you posted this, Leah, and can't wait to see the sewing part.

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