Wednesday, October 13, 2010

paper ornament diy

I told you I've been thinking about Christmas! This is also inspired by a video tutorial that my friend Sasha Halloway posted the other day. It was actually instructions to create a buckyball out of ice cream cones. Yeah. I'm not sure how we got from there to here, but here's what I ended up with:

Here' a little diy, so you can make one, too!

Start with 17 - 3" scalloped circles. I used my making memories slice diecutting machine  along with their basic shapes card to make mine. Glue the little cone shapes together using your hot glue gun. 

You should come out with a total of 34 little cone shapes.

Glue two of the cones together:
Add some more:

Until you complete the circle.

Add glue to both sides of your final piece and squeeze it in.

Start the next layer. Place the first piece in between and slightly further in so your completed shape will be round.

Now keep going.

At this point I started looking at my ribbons and trims for something to use as a hanger. I also knew that I wanted to add a little tail ribbon on the bottom.

Add one more cone to the top edge and then glue in the hanger, before adding the final two cone shaped pieces to complete the top of the sphere.

Now flip the ornament over and repeat steps 10-13 to fill in the bottom of the sphere. 

Instead of adding your hanger, add the trailing ribbon/lace for the bottom and squeeze in your last couple of cone shaped pieces.

All done!

Now make it pretty! I added some trims from Webster's Pages, Maya Road, and American Crafts and a few embellishments from the Dear Lizzy Christmas line from American Crafts.

Have fun! And if you have any questions, post them in the comments! Have a great Wednesday!


Sasha Farina said...

that is absolutely pretty!!!

dalijablog said...

what a pretty decoration, thanx for sharing it!

Leslie Ashe said...

oh GOSH how CUTE is THAT!!! What a great idea! Love it leah :D

Connie Mercer said...

so cool leah!!!

beckyjune said...

This is fabulous, Leah! I just had to brag about you at the Nook so you might get some visitors from there ♥

Can you see this in the Dear Lizzy Christmas paper? Beautiful!!

Annika said...

Just love it Leah! Really fabolous.

Sockergrynet said...

So beautiful! What at great idea!

Jenny Chesnick said...

ok really? I hate you! lol


Merle said...

How in the hell do you make those flower-bases without a machine? #€%&ing impossible... Any ideas?

Unknown said...

I tried it and it worked really well. For mine though, I used a glue stick which was a bad idea. If you are planning on using a glue stick instead of a glue gun, then I'll have to have very delicate hands. But either way it was an awesome diy!

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